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How to send VIP or Tokens to a Friend You can “gift” VIP or tokens to a friend if you log in to the Hooves of Fire website. Requirements There are a few account requirements in order to successfully “gift” VIP or Tokens to another account. You must be friends with the player on in order to gift tokens You can only gift tokens via the website at and you must have a Hooves Passport […]

Horse Market

hooves of fire horse market

What is the purpose of the Horse Market? The horse market allows you to buy player bred horses. You can also purchase newborn horses from the Hooves of Fire Breeders. VIP‘s can opt to sell their horses in the market for other players to buy. How long do horses stay in the Market? Player sold horses will appear in the market for 24 hours and then returned to their owner’s stable if they are not […]


Hooves of Fire friends are helpful to have. You can brush your friend’s horses for money and your friends can look after your horses by brushing and feeding them for you when you are not around! Hooves of Fire allows you to interact with your friends in a number of ways. Visit friends stables To view your friends stables, select the “Friends” stables from the Town map and a list of your friends who play Hooves of […]

Account Security

Keeping your Hooves of Fire Account Safe We have compiled a list of tips to help players keep their Hooves of Fire accounts secure and hopefully avoid account theft. 1. Always use a strong password Don’t make your password and obvious one (e.g. your pets name, your birthday etc). Make sure your password has more than 6 characters and includes both capital and lowercase letters, number(s) and/or symbols. 2. Don’t let your browser “remember” your […]


Hooves of Fire has achievements that can be obtained and will unlock certain rewards or extra features within the game once they are reached. To view your achievements, select the “View My Profile” button along the top of the game and then click the “Achievements” tab. Holding the mouse over each achievement will tell you what is required for you to unlock the achievement or the date on which the achievement was completed. There are […]

My Profile

Every player has a Player Profile page. When you are logged into the game, go to your Stables and open your player profile page by selecting “View My Profile”. The Player Profile includes the following information: Total races Total wins, places, shows Total Cup wins Number of Stables Total bets Total prize money VIP status and days remaining Status of your horse seller license (days remaining) Recent activity including horses sold, horses bought, naming new […]


What are the benefits of becoming a VIP? How do I buy VIP? N.B. If you are a Facebook user, you will need to have activated your “Hooves Passport” first before purchasing. 1. Log in to using your Hooves Passport email address and password. 2. Select the Buy VIP button 3. Select whether you wish to purchase 1 month VIP or 3 months VIP 4. Login to your PayPal account or use your credit […]

Hooves Tokens

Hooves Tokens are an in game currency for Hooves of Fire that enable you to purchase premium items in the game. What can I use Hooves Tokens for? Hooves Tokens currently can be used to; Repaint your stables with custom designs and colours* (access to the custom design feature is only available on (VIP or non-VIP’s) Rename your horses (VIP’s or non-VIP’s) Cryogenically freeze or unfreeze your horses in the Science Lab (1 token per horse to […]

Game cash

game cash

How do I purchase game cash? N.B. If you are a Facebook user, you will need to have activated your Hooves Passport first before purchasing. 1. Log in to using your Hooves Passport email address and password. 2. Select the Buy Game Cash button (you can click the image below to go straight there if you are already logged in) 3. Select the amount of game cash you wish to purchase USD$5 = $100,000 game cash […]

Chat rooms

  Hooves of Fire includes chat rooms for players 18 years+.  When you first sign into the game, you can elect whether or not you wish to participate in the chat rooms. Why is the chat screen not active for me? When you first played the game you selected to disable chat in the game. To reset the chat question visit this link in your browser and then load up the game again. Why are […]

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