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City Hall

City Hall is accessible from the Town Map and has a number of services:

1. Hooves Passport
2. Purchase Hooves Tokens (only available on
3. Rename your horse

Hooves Tokens

Hooves Tokens enable you to purchase premium features.

Currently this includes the ability to rename your horses, repaint your stable, rent private countries, DNA your horses and freeze/unfreeze your horses in the Science Lab (VIP only).

Hooves Passport

Repainting Stables

Stable repainting is only available by activating your Hooves Passport and logging into

Renaming Horses

Using Hooves Tokens you can rename your horse (or a horse bought from the Horse market).

1. Select “Rename a horse” from the City Hall menu and your list of horses will appear
2. Select the horse you wish to rename
3. Select a new name (please make sure it is an appropriate name!)

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