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Hardcore Player Tips

Helpful Tips for Would-Be Hardcore Players…

Here are some ideas to help you win the Race of Champions and go forth into Hardcore Glory!

  • Breed up the best horse you can and train it hard with the best saddle/shoes/treats you can afford to prepare it for the Race of Champions
  • Buy “Great” items from the Shop when they are available and use these on your selected horse
  • To optimise your ranking in the Hall of Flame, enter the Race of Champions as soon as you have a horse that qualifies
  • Don’t stock up on heaps of items before you move to Hardcore, it will only make your item storage painful to navigate and hugely expensive to repair.
  • The Race of Champions is a distance of 20,000, this means that one of the keys to winning the race is endurance
  • Train your horse for specifically for endurance and use “Leg Rotation” surgery if your horse has better Strength than Endurance
  • Buy and equip the best shoes and saddles that will give a boost to your horse’s endurance for the race (e.g. Ice saddle or Great Ice Saddle)
  • Make sure your horse is at maximum health and happiness before entering the Race of Champions – ask you friends to brush it for you, and equip the watermelon treat
  • Join the Facebook Page for Hooves Hardcore players: for support and tips from other Hooves Hardcore Players

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