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Strategy Guide: Betting

Tips for managing your betting in Hooves of Fire

  • Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set limits for how much you will spend and if you lose that amount – stop betting!
  • If you are a VIP and you want to bet on one of your horses, equip them with the right horseshoes and saddles for the track and give them a booster from the Science Lab to improve their chances of winning.
  • If you lose all of your money betting, unfortunately the only way to make money (without purchasing game cash) is to brush friends horses and collect the daily bonus money (this can be anywhere between 50 and 1000 game cash each day.)
  • If you do end up broke, don’t beg other players for studs.
  • Study the form of the Hooves horses to find out which tracks they perform best on.
  • Check out the Betting section for more detailed information.

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