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Strategy Guide: Equipment and Enhancements

What enhancements should I buy for my horse?

The following are some suggestions on how you can get your horse race-ready and performing at its peak.

  • Work out which track conditions and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes.
  • Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.  The more expensive the treat (e.g. watermelons) the more effective it is.
  • If you can afford it, equip the training shoes, a treat and the Flame or Ice Saddle. This is the best combination to enhance the effects of training and the performance of your horse at the same time.
  • Buy a Star or Sonic brush from the shop when they are available. Even though they are expensive, they will pay for themselves quickly as they are worth up to $ 600 / $2000 per horse. If you have 34 friends with full stables you can earn up to $ 1,000,000 a day using the Sonic brush! It also makes your horses much happier which means better performance and longer lifespans.
  • If you are VIP, only use steroids on a horse you can afford to lose as there is a risk the horse could die. Alternatively, if it lives, the horse’s stats may improve dramatically.
  • Again, for VIPs, use boosters in Group 2 and 1 where the prize money can justify the expense. It does increase your chances of winning but doesn’t guarantee a win. Of course if you have lots of cash you can use it in Group 3 to increase your number of wins and get into Group 2 quicker.

hooves of fire saddles

10 responses on Strategy Guide: Equipment and Enhancements

  1. I need some help or guidance in understanding the game beyond beginner. I have had some nice horses and won nearly 4500 races now but am not sure how to do things like getting a higher pedigree or if your horse had had its max training does it even make sense to have them use saddles costing money (if the better saddles only improve training. Other questions come up from time to time, I could just use a friend who has the benefit here of more experience. My email is and if you will email me I will email back some of my questions. I have not even established any friends here, I don’t know how or what the benefit is, but want to learn. Thanks – Ron B- Trenton NJ

  2. Hi Ron – have you had a read through the other strategy guides here in the wiki? There are some good tips on breeding to advance your stable here: If your horse has maxxed their training you are better off equipping a fire/ice saddle as they would receive no training benefit from the other saddles if they can’t train.

  3. Thank you Hooves Guru. The pedigree is built how? Is it totally from breeding and rebreading and so on? I see people who have horses with pedigrees of 30 mean time all mine are 6 and 7. I have only recently started to breed, I mostly raced and have over 5000 wins so its all good, but would like to see my horses with those 30’s. I spend lots of hooves cash on various things and genuinely enjoy the game. But I have so many questions, but thank you for answering. Is a horses life lengthened if it breeds a lot? Thank you again. Ron

  4. Pedigree is based on a number of traits that the horse has – strength/endurance stats, training stats etc.. Each of these stats will show a little bit of improvement in the offspring each time you breed with a horse of the same or higher pedigree. Breeding does not affect the life of the horse that is breeding but if you obtain the breeder achievements, the offspring will live longer (up to 24 days).

  5. Guru- Thanks for your help, I think I have gotten the breeding aspect understood now. However I have two questions about degrading equipment ( saddles & shoes). First I may have been playing this wrong all along but I have paid to try to keep my equipment up to 100% for each horse all the time. In one of the sections of manual something led me to believe from what is written that degrading equipment does not matter so long as it does not get to the point of becoming broke. I cant tell you over time how many 80 or 90 % equip items I have taken off horses paid to get them up to 100 % and reinstalled them. So…. if an item is at 50% it is valued or useful as 100% so long as it does not reach 0% and become broken? Also if a horse has a trait of liking some kind of surface and you also place a shoe of that same surface on the horse, is the horses like of the type of surface any better or is it a waste to use a horses trait and a same type shoe? Thanks and I am sorry I do get a little confused over some of the things, but I have done well and now that I understand breeding I have some really nice horses that are really paying off and making me better. Thanks for your help! Ron

  6. Hi Ron, the % repair of the item does not affect its performance (unless it is completely broken). Any enhancement shoe you add to a horse will improve its ability, whether it prefers that track type or not.

  7. I bought Gold Plated Shoes for my best Mare….and they have slowed her down….WHY??? Her best race was a 10 or 12 Fast, and now she doesn’t do worth a dang. Big waste of money if you ask me. Very Disappointed!!!

  8. Hi Rhonda, the Gold Shoes won’t slow your horse down, it will just make your mare run better on longer tracks. Keep in mind that horses also have track preferences (e.g. dead/slow/fast etc) and this can also affect their performance.

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