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Tournament Racing

Tournament Racing

There are several player-run tournament groups in Hooves of Fire. The groups are generally made up of admins/scorers and players who compete against each other for prizes.

Some tournaments may have prizes sponsored by other players or by Hooves of Fire.  Prizes might be VIP, tokens or “max studs” (another player will stud your horse at maximum stud fee, which earns you game cash).

Each tournament will have its own set of rules, scoring system, qualifiers and requirements for entry so it is important to understand and follow these rules in order to participate. Racing may take place in the open tournament rooms or in private countries.

Most groups publish their rules and entry requirements in their respective Facebook groups.  If you are interested in racing in one of the tournament groups, send a join request to their Facebook group to request more information.

The following is an incomplete listing of current Tournaments (as of May 2017). If you would like your tournament included on the list or any changes made to the listings, please send us a message!

Hooves Global Team Racing

Group Info:  290+ members

This is a group for 4 member teams to race in tournaments. Those interested in Team Racing are invited. This will include scheduled races against other teams on a weekly basis with semi-finals and final. It will be a lot of fun. So gather a team together and join us!

Hooves Global Team Racing Facebook Group

Hooves Special Tournament

Group Info: 170+ members

4v4 racing (teams of 8) and special event racing. Join the Facebook group below for more info.

Hooves Special Tournament Facebook Group

Triple Crown Naked Racing

Group Info: 450+ members

A fun Hooves of Fire related racing group offering mini tournaments during the week mostly. We run mainly indi special events tours e.g. The Triple Crown, The Breeder’s Cup, holiday events, etc. The thing that makes us different from other tours is that our horses run NAKED – no saddles/shoes.

Triple Crown Naked Racing Facebook Group

Oracle Racing Group

Group Info: 200+ members

Runs an Elite Indi comp (for Pedigree 30) and a Pedigree 23-28 Comp. Tournaments run over several weeks.  Fun and friendly racing group. All language whether on posts or in tourneys must be English only.

Oracle Elite Indi (Ped 23-28) Extreme Rules Facebook Group

Tournament Racing

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