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Vuln!! Path it now!!

Vuln!! Path it now!!

Vuln!! Path it now!!<br />

6 responses on Vuln!! Path it now!!

  1. Hey hooves of fire! I was wondering if i could make a suggestion update for the game that being auction. This would be a good feature to add and would make the game more popular. This could mean that you could have live auctions and bid on peoples horses. Just an idea thanks 🙂

  2. My husband has a horse that moved up go Group 2…..why is that? Was his best horse and now he just doesn’t compete well in the higher level.

  3. Horses reach Group 2 after 20 wins. It may be a bit harder to win at first but the prize money is higher than Group 3. Just keep training!

  4. Hi David, once the horse is set free it has gone for good and you cannot buy them back! Be careful with the set free button! 🙂

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