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Inheritable Traits

When you breed horses, the resulting foal will inherit traits from both the mare and sire.  It is good to know what genetics you are breeding with if you are breeding your horses in a strategic way. DNA certificates will give you some insight into a potential stud in the stud farm.  It will give you information about their strength, endurance and track likes so that you can optimise your breeding selections. Horses have a […]

Strategy Guide: Selling Horses

hooves of fire horse market

Before reading this Strategy Guide, please note that only VIPs can sell horses. When to Sell You cannot sell a horse after it is 10 days old. Once your horse turns ten you need to decide to sell or keep it. If a horse reaches 10 days old and it is… not a Group 2 horse a stallion that is not being used one of your older mares a mare that has poor form on the […]


training time in hooves of fire

How often can I train horses? Each horse can be trained once every 8 hours. How do I know when my horses need training? You will see the trainer’s hat appear on the door of the stable of a horse that is ready to be trained. What does training horses actually do? Training improves either the strength or endurance of the horse (depending on which stat you choose to train). If you are not a […]

Track Conditions

hooves of fire

Track Types There are 5 different track conditions in Hooves of Fire. Fast Good Dead Slow Heavy In viewing a horse’s previous form, the tracks are represented by their initial (F, G, D, S, H). Every horse will have their own track preferences/non preferences. Track preferences are only visible to VIP’s and can be viewed by clicking on the horse in the stable to bring up its horse profile. If a DNA certificate has been added […]

Strategy Guide: Racing

hooves of fire racing

Beginner tips for racing in Hooves of Fire Follow these tips to increase your chances of winning races in Hooves of Fire. Starting Out Buy a second horse as soon as you can afford it – preferably of the opposite gender (for breeding purposes).  This doubles your chance to win! Enter your horses in as many races as possible. The more you race your horses the more potential there is to win prize money. General […]

Strategy Guide: Breeding

breeding at the stud farm

How to advance your stable by breeding These tips will help you to increase the pedigree and quality of horses within your stable.  Selective breeding over time plays an important part in improving the horses within your stable. Start breeding your best horses when they turn 2 days old. Visit the stud farm and check out the stallions with DNA certificates.  That way you know the qualities of the horse you are breeding with. Breed your […]

Horse Market

hooves of fire horse market

What is the purpose of the Horse Market? The horse market allows you to buy player bred horses. You can also purchase newborn horses from the Hooves of Fire Breeders. VIP‘s can opt to sell their horses in the market for other players to buy. How long do horses stay in the Market? Player sold horses will appear in the market for 24 hours and then returned to their owner’s stable if they are not […]


What races can I enter my horses in? Races have restrictions like Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, initially your horses are Group 3 horses and can only race in those races or races that are Open. Race eligibility Race eligibility for each racing level (i.e. Beginners, Intermediate, Pro and Champions) will be determined by the horse’s pedigree rating. The only exception to this rule is in the Starter countries, where players must have less […]


How do I breed horses? If you own a mare you can breed it with another stallion of your own or with another player’s stallion who are currently being offered for stud at a price. Both horses must be 2 or more days old and you must have a spare stable for the horse. The stallion will be out of action for 30 minutes, the mare will be out of action for 48 hours. At […]


How do I buy a horse? Go to your stables and click on an empty stall (You may need to expand your stables first, see below). You will then be taken to the market, initially you will only have enough cash for the cheaper horses, have a look around the horse market for one that suits your budget. How do I buy my second horse? You will need to expand your stables and then click […]

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