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Strategy Guide: Equipment and Enhancements

hooves of fire racing

What enhancements should I buy for my horse? The following are some suggestions on how you can get your horse race-ready and performing at its peak. Work out which track conditions and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes. Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.  The more expensive the treat (e.g. watermelons) the more effective it is. If you can afford it, equip the training shoes, a […]

Strategy Guide: Stable Management

Hooves of Fire Stables

Hints and Tips Hints on how to best manage your racing stables in Hooves of Fire. The maximum number of stables you can have is 15, so the maximum number of horses you can race at one time is 15. Try to expand to 15 stables as soon as you can. It becomes more expensive to expand your stables each time, so you might need to save some cash to afford it. The more horses you own the […]

Strategy Guide: Betting


Tips for managing your betting in Hooves of Fire Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Set limits for how much you will spend and if you lose that amount – stop betting! If you are a VIP and you want to bet on one of your horses, equip them with the right horseshoes and saddles for the track and give them a booster from the Science Lab to improve their chances of winning. […]

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