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Access the Shop by selecting the “Go to Shop” button from the Stables. The Shop content is randomly generated and offers a variety of different items every 24 hours. Items currently on sale in the shop include new brushes, treats for your horses, horseshoes and saddles. Brushes Brushes can be purchased from the Shop. The Star and Sonic brushes give you more rewards for brushing friends horses and increase happiness in horses better than the regular […]

Horse Market

hooves of fire horse market

What is the purpose of the Horse Market? The horse market allows you to buy player bred horses. You can also purchase newborn horses from the Hooves of Fire Breeders. VIP‘s can opt to sell their horses in the market for other players to buy. How long do horses stay in the Market? Player sold horses will appear in the market for 24 hours and then returned to their owner’s stable if they are not […]

Stud Farm

Hooves of Fire Stud Farm

What is the Stud Farm? The stud farm is where you can find a suitable stallion to breed with your mare and hopefully produce even better offspring. Players will offer up their stallions to breed with for a price (within a given range). You can filter results to only see your own horses to breed in your own stable. Or you can breed with other player’s horses and sort by age, price range, prize money, […]


The Town view button lets you easily navigate to different locations. Airport – fly between different countries Blacksmith – manage your items Science lab – VIP only – offers special potions and procedures to modify your horses Stud farm – Find a suitable mate for your stallion City Hall – Hooves Passport and Tokens Shop – Buy treats, horseshoes and brushes to improve your horse’s performance and happiness Races – Go to the racetrack Stables […]


The Airport allows you to move your stable of horses from country to country. However, there are certain pedigree/win requirements per country: Starter – Players with less than 10 wins Beginner – Pedigree rating 1 – 10 Intermediate – Pedigree rating 8 – 15 Pro – Pedigree rating 13 – 20 Champions (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 18 – 25 Elite (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 23 – 30 Open – All pedigrees, social racing, private […]


Currently the Blacksmith enables you to destroy unwanted items from your item storage. Saddles and horseshoes can be destroyed by clicking the “destroy item” button and selecting the equipment you wish to dispose of.

City Hall

City Hall is accessible from the Town Map. City Hall has a number of services: 1. Hooves Passport 2. Purchase Hooves Tokens (only available on 3. Rename your horse Hooves Tokens Hooves Tokens enable you to purchase premium features. Currently this includes the ability to rename your horses, repaint your stable, rent private countries, DNA your horses and freeze/unfreeze your horses in the Science Lab (VIP only). Repainting Stables Stable repainting is only available […]

Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame is a high score list that holds the names of those players that have completed Hooves of Fire by winning the Race of Champions. Each player will be given score once their horse wins the “Race of Champions” that will be automatically calculated and entered into the Hall of Flame. Scores are based on a number of factors; races won, prize money and other in-game achievements. There are 3 High Score […]

Science Lab

The Science Lab is a VIP only feature. Science Lab Items Boosters The Science lab allows you to select the number of doses you wish to give your horse. Each dose will boost your horse for a total of 3 races. Steroids Steroids are now available in 3 varieties; balance, strength and endurance. The same risk of your horse dying still applies! Balance steroids permanently add one star of strength and one star of endurance […]


How do I expand my stables? Visit your stables, and click the button along the bottom that says “Expand Stables”. The price of expanding your stables increases each time. How often should I feed my horses? You should feed your horses at least once a day to stop them from starving and losing health. You can feed them every 8 hours and this will ensure their health increases. If your horses health goes into Poor […]

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