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Strategy Guide: Equipment and Enhancements

hooves of fire racing

What enhancements should I buy for my horse? The following are some suggestions on how you can get your horse race-ready and performing at its peak. Work out which track conditions and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes. Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.  The more expensive the treat (e.g. watermelons) the more effective it is. If you can afford it, equip the training shoes, a […]


Why should I brush my horses? Brushing your horses increases their happiness levels.  Brushing other players horses also increases their horses’ happiness and yields you cash for doing so. There are different brushes available e.g. Star Brush and Sonic Brush which need to be unlocked by completing the Groomer Achievements. How do I brush my horses? 1.  Visit your stable by clicking on the Stable button at the top of the game (or select the Stables […]

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