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hooves of fire horse market

What is the purpose of the Horse Market?

The horse market allows you to buy player bred horses. You can also purchase newborn horses from the Hooves of Fire Breeders. VIP‘s can opt to sell their horses in the market for other players to buy.

How long do horses stay in the Market?

Player sold horses will appear in the market for 24 hours and then returned to their owner’s stable if they are not sold in that time.

hooves of fire horse market screenshot

How do I filter results on the Market?

There are two filters on the Horse market – Type and Price Range.

Selecting Type: Newborn – this will show horses from the Hooves of Fire ingame/NPC breeders only.

Selecting Type: All Player sold – will player sold horses of all age groups. You can also filter the player sold horses by age group.

Select the price range filter to view either newborn or player sold horses in various price brackets.

NOTE: Search results will not display until after the “Go” button is clicked.

Why is there a difference between buy and sell prices of horses?

There is a 10% mark up on horses sold to the horse market – so the price to buy from the horse market will be higher than what the horse was sold for.

How many horses can be bought from the market?

There is no restriction on buying newborn horses from the horse market, but players can only buy one player sold horse every 24 hours.

How easy is it to sell horses in the horse market?

This depends on a number of factors, age of the horse, pedigree, DNA certificate, track preferences, mare/stallion/gelding  etc… it can take minutes, hours or days to sell.

To read an experience of selling horses of varying pedigrees in the market, visit the Hooves of Fire Blog.

How do I sell my horse in the horse market?

You must be a VIP to sell horses. Visit the Shop and purchase a Horse Seller Licence. Go to your stable. Click on a horse to bring up its horse profile. The horse must be at least 1 day old in order to be sold.  Select the “More” tab on the right hand side of the horse profile and select “Sell”.  Your horse will then be listed in the market.  (NB: “Sell now” will sell your horse immediately without going onto the market).  You can return your horse at any time if they have not already been sold.

more tab sell options

Click Sell to put your horse into the market

Using a DNA certificate will increase the chances that your horse is sold to a prospective buyer.

Why can’t I sell my horse in the market?

Only VIP’s can sell horses in the market, by obtaining the Horse Seller’s Licence from the Shop. If you have recently sold a horse using “Sell Now” (within the last 24 hours) you will not be able to obtain a Horse Seller’s Licence.

Horses that have been given steroids may not be sold in the market.

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  1. Hi Rhonda, wouldn’t we all like a Jose Finchos? 🙂 Unfortunately, he is a Hooves special horse only. Maybe we should put him in the stud farm to see if he breeds other horses with birds on their head 😉

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