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Stud Farm

Hooves of Fire Stud Farm

What is the Stud Farm?

The stud farm is where you can find a suitable stallion to breed with your mare and hopefully produce even better offspring. Players will offer up their stallions to breed with for a price (within a given range). You can filter results to only see your own horses to breed in your own stable. Or you can breed with other player’s horses and sort by age, price range, prize money, DNA or groupings.

Hooves of Fire Stud Farm

How do I choose a good stallion to breed with?

If you are not sure whether a horse is of good breeding stock have a look at how many races it has run and how many wins/places/shows it has.  These stats are usually a reliable indicator of good horse genes!

How long do stallions stay at the stud farm?

There is a 12 hour limit on the amount of time the horses can stay in the stud farm without being selected.  After that time, the stallion will return to its stable automatically.

How do I stud my horse out?

Go to your stable. Click on a stallion to bring up its horse profile. The stallion must be at least 2 days old in order to be put up for stud.  Select the “More” tab on the right hand side of the horse profile and select either “Stud” or “Private Stud” (this will only show to your friends list).  Your horse will then be listed in the stud farm.  You can return your horse at any time if they have not already  been selected for breeding.

more tab stud options

Stud/Private Stud options on “More” tab.

How do you know if someone has bred with your stallion at the stud farm?

If your horse has been used at the stud farm, it will show in your recent activity in your Hooves of Fire Profile screen.  You will also receive the stud fee amount automatically in your account.  Your stallion will be returned to your stable 30 minutes after the stud has been used. There will be an entry in the recent activity that says that your horse has been bred with . If you click on the mare’s name it will tell you who the horse belonged to that bred with your stallion.

Private studding

Using the Horse Profile page for your stallions, you can choose to either publicly or privately stud your horse. If you choose the “Stud” button this will appear in the stud farm for all users (public). If you choose to privately stud your horse, it will only be visible to your Facebook friends when they visit the stud farm and select the “Private studs” filter. Only VIP’s can use the private studding feature.


Using a DNA certificate on your horse will make it more likely to be used in the stud farm because players can see your horse’s stats upfront before selecting it for stud.  You can filter stud farm results to view only horses with a DNA certificate.  DNA certificates can only be bought by VIPs.

Stud Hooves of Fire

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