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My Profile

Every player has a Player Profile page. When you are logged into the game, go to your Stables and open your player profile page by selecting “View My Profile”. The Player Profile includes the following information: Total races Total wins, places, shows Total Cup wins Number of Stables Total bets Total prize money VIP status and days remaining Status of your horse seller license (days remaining) Recent activity including horses sold, horses bought, naming new […]

How to Equip Items

How to equip an item to your horse To equip an item from your item storage to a horse in your stable, select a spare ‘equipment’ box in your Horse’s Profile. You can only equip one “type” of item at a time (e.g. one saddle, one shoe, one treat) per horse. Items that are broken cannot be equipped. Note: Only VIP’s can equip saddles to their horses. Mousing over the items in the equipment box […]


Why should I brush my horses? Brushing your horses increases their happiness levels.  Brushing other players horses also increases their horses’ happiness and yields you cash for doing so. There are different brushes available e.g. Star Brush and Sonic Brush which need to be unlocked by completing the Groomer Achievements. How do I brush my horses? 1.  Visit your stable by clicking on the Stable button at the top of the game (or select the Stables […]

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