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The Town view button lets you easily navigate to different locations. Airport – fly between different countries Blacksmith – manage your items Science lab – VIP only – offers special potions and procedures to modify your horses Stud farm – Find a suitable mate for your stallion City Hall – Hooves Passport and Tokens Shop – Buy treats, horseshoes and brushes to improve your horse’s performance and happiness Races – Go to the racetrack Stables […]


The Airport allows you to move your stable of horses from country to country. However, there are certain pedigree/win requirements per country: Starter – Players with less than 10 wins Beginner – Pedigree rating 1 – 10 Intermediate – Pedigree rating 8 – 15 Pro – Pedigree rating 13 – 20 Champions (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 18 – 25 Elite (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 23 – 30 Open – All pedigrees, social racing, private […]

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