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The Airport allows you to move your stable of horses from country to country. However, there are certain pedigree/win requirements per country: Starter – Players with less than 10 wins Beginner – Pedigree rating 1 – 10 Intermediate – Pedigree rating 8 – 15 Pro – Pedigree rating 13 – 20 Champions (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 18 – 25 Elite (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 23 – 30 Open – All pedigrees, social racing, private […]

How to Play

Hooves of Fire

Hooves of Fire is a multiplayer Adobe Flash game that allows you to buy, train, race, breed and bet on horses. Starting out – How to play Hooves of Fire In the beginning of the game, you will start off in the Starter countries with $6,000 and one horse in your stable. Make sure you train, feed and brush your horse regularly to keep it happy and performing at its peak. If you don’t attend […]

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