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Rules of Conduct

Please observe the following Rules of Conduct with respect to use of Hooves of Fire. Rubber Duck Software reserves the right to terminate or suspend your access to Hooves of Fire at any time, without notice, for infringement of these rules. For full details, please refer to the Terms of Service at Rubber Duck Software reserves the right to amend or change the rules of conduct at any time without notice. You are responsible […]

Technical Issues

How can I improve game performance? Because the game is Adobe Flash it runs best in Internet Explorer. If you have an older machine you may also want to try right clicking the game and changing the Quality setting to Medium or Low but this will make game graphics appear distorted. I didn’t get my VIP. Game Cash or tokens after a purchase? Visit our website and fill in a support ticket. Please be sure […]


I bought VIP/game cash but it has not been added to my account? There might be a short delay in updating your account after you purchase.  If you are not logged into the game, or have timed out during the transaction, your VIP or game cash may not have been added to your account automatically.  Please fill in a support ticket so that we can resolve this issue for you. How are the betting odds […]

Chat rooms

Hooves of Fire includes chat rooms for players 18 years+.  When you first sign into the game, you can elect whether or not you wish to participate in the chat rooms. Why is the chat screen not active for me? When you first played the game you selected to disable chat in the game. To reset the chat question visit this link in your browser and then load up the game again. Why are […]

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