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Horse Market

hooves of fire horse market

What is the purpose of the Horse Market? The horse market allows you to buy player bred horses. You can also purchase newborn horses from the Hooves of Fire Breeders. VIP‘s can opt to sell their horses in the market for other players to buy. How long do horses stay in the Market? Player sold horses will appear in the market for 24 hours and then returned to their owner’s stable if they are not […]

Stud Farm

Hooves of Fire Stud Farm

What is the Stud Farm? The stud farm is where you can find a suitable stallion to breed with your mare and hopefully produce even better offspring. Players will offer up their stallions to breed with for a price (within a given range). You can filter results to only see your own horses to breed in your own stable. Or you can breed with other player’s horses and sort by age, price range, prize money, […]

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