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Private Countries

Private Countries are Open countries that are available for players to rent on a per hourly basis. If you rent a Private Country, anyone on your friends list (either on Facebook or your Hooves Passport friends list) will be able to join the room and race. Both VIP and non-VIP friends can join the room. You will have the option when you rent the Private Country to “Allow Spectators” which means anyone will be able […]


The Airport allows you to move your stable of horses from country to country. However, there are certain pedigree/win requirements per country: Starter – Players with less than 10 wins Beginner – Pedigree rating 1 – 10 Intermediate – Pedigree rating 8 – 15 Pro – Pedigree rating 13 – 20 Champions (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 18 – 25 Elite (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 23 – 30 Open – All pedigrees, social racing,¬†private […]

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