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Hooves of Fire friends are helpful to have. You can brush your friend’s horses for money and your friends can look after your horses by brushing and feeding them for you when you are not around! Hooves of Fire allows you to interact with your friends in a number of ways. Visit friends stables To view your friends stables, select the “Friends” stables from the Town map and a list of your friends who play Hooves of […]

Private Countries

Private Countries are Open countries that are available for players to rent on a per hourly basis. If you rent a Private Country, anyone on your friends list (either on Facebook or your Hooves Passport friends list) will be able to join the room and race. Both VIP and non-VIP friends can join the room. You will have the option when you rent the Private Country to “Allow Spectators” which means anyone will be able […]


The Town view button lets you easily navigate to different locations. Airport – fly between different countries Blacksmith – manage your items Science lab – VIP only – offers special potions and procedures to modify your horses Stud farm – Find a suitable mate for your stallion City Hall – Hooves Passport and Tokens Shop – Buy treats, horseshoes and brushes to improve your horse’s performance and happiness Races – Go to the racetrack Stables […]


How do I expand my stables? Visit your stables, and click the button along the bottom that says “Expand Stables”. The price of expanding your stables increases each time. How often should I feed my horses? You should feed your horses at least once a day to stop them from starving and losing health. You can feed them every 8 hours and this will ensure their health increases. If your horses health goes into Poor […]


Why should I brush my horses? Brushing your horses increases their happiness levels.  Brushing other players horses also increases their horses’ happiness and yields you cash for doing so. There are different brushes available e.g. Star Brush and Sonic Brush which need to be unlocked by completing the Groomer Achievements. How do I brush my horses? 1.  Visit your stable by clicking on the Stable button at the top of the game (or select the Stables […]

Chat rooms

  Hooves of Fire includes chat rooms for players 18 years+.  When you first sign into the game, you can elect whether or not you wish to participate in the chat rooms. Why is the chat screen not active for me? When you first played the game you selected to disable chat in the game. To reset the chat question visit this link in your browser and then load up the game again. Why are […]

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