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Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame is a high score list that holds the names of those players that have completed Hooves of Fire by winning the Race of Champions. Each player will be given score once their horse wins the “Race of Champions” that will be automatically calculated and entered into the Hall of Flame. Scores are based on a number of factors; races won, prize money and other in-game achievements. There are 3 High Score […]

Hardcore Player Tips

Helpful Tips for Would-Be Hardcore Players… Here are some ideas to help you win the Race of Champions and go forth into Hardcore Glory! Breed up the best horse you can and train it hard with the best saddle/shoes/treats you can afford to prepare it for the Race of Champions Buy “Great” items from the Shop when they are available and use these on your selected horse To optimise your ranking in the Hall of Flame, enter […]

Hooves Hardcore

What is Hooves Hardcore? Hooves of Fire Hardcore is not for the faint-hearted. Only serious racers who are up for a challenge need apply! Think you are up for it? First of all, congratulations! So you’ve hit Pedigree 30… Well done, that’s quite an achievement in itself! Pedigree 30 is the highest pedigree achievable in Hooves of Fire! Where do you go from here? Well…you can hang around in the Elite Countries if you really […]

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