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Hall of Flame

The Hall of Flame is a high score list that holds the names of those players that have completed Hooves of Fire by winning the Race of Champions. Each player will be given score once their horse wins the “Race of Champions” that will be automatically calculated and entered into the Hall of Flame. Scores are based on a number of factors; races won, prize money and other in-game achievements. There are 3 High Score […]

Hooves Hardcore FAQ

What is the Race of Champions? The Race of Champions is run on an 8 hourly basis, only in the Elite + Rooms.  There are 2 pop up warnings upon entering the race to avoid players accidentally entering their horse. What is the purpose of the Race of Champions? The Race of Champions is designed to identify a player’s status at the time of winning in order for them to enter the Hall of Flame and have all of their achievements […]

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