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Strategy Guide: Equipment and Enhancements

hooves of fire racing

What enhancements should I buy for my horse? The following are some suggestions on how you can get your horse race-ready and performing at its peak. Work out which track conditions and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes. Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.  The more expensive the treat (e.g. watermelons) the more effective it is. If you can afford it, equip the training shoes, a […]

Track Conditions

hooves of fire

Track Types There are 5 different track conditions in Hooves of Fire. Fast Good Dead Slow Heavy In viewing a horse’s previous form, the tracks are represented by their initial (F, G, D, S, H). Every horse will have their own track preferences/non preferences. Track preferences are only visible to VIP’s and can be viewed by clicking on the horse in the stable to bring up its horse profile. If a DNA certificate has been added […]


Access the Shop by selecting the “Go to Shop” button from the Stables. The Shop content is randomly generated and offers a variety of different items every 24 hours. Items currently on sale in the shop include new brushes, treats for your horses, horseshoes and saddles. Brushes Brushes can be purchased from the Shop. The Star and Sonic brushes give you more rewards for brushing friends horses and increase happiness in horses better than the regular […]

Item Levels

hooves of fire great shoe

Items range in level from 1 (lesser quality) to 6 (highest quality). The higher the quality the item, the slower it degrades, however, it will be more expensive to repair when it does degrade. Both shoes and saddles will have a designated item level. Currently only Level 1 and 2 items are available from the shop. Level 2 items will only appear rarely in the shop. The Levels are as follows: Level 1: Regular Level […]


Currently the Blacksmith enables you to destroy unwanted items from your item storage. Saddles and horseshoes can be destroyed by clicking the “destroy item” button and selecting the equipment you wish to dispose of.

How to Equip Items

How to equip an item to your horse To equip an item from your item storage to a horse in your stable, select a spare ‘equipment’ box in your Horse’s Profile. You can only equip one “type” of item at a time (e.g. one saddle, one shoe, one treat) per horse. Items that are broken cannot be equipped. Note: Only VIP’s can equip saddles to their horses. Mousing over the items in the equipment box […]


Items Players are able to store items for their stable. Saddles, horseshoes, treats and various other items will be able to be collected and swapped between horses in your stables. Once you purchase or receive an item, it will go into your item storage box which is accessible from your Stables. Buying items Items such as treats, horseshoes and saddles are available from the Shop (NeighMart) on a rotational basis. The stock in the shop […]

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