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Account Security

Keeping your Hooves of Fire Account Safe We have compiled a list of tips to help players keep their Hooves of Fire accounts secure and hopefully avoid account theft. 1. Always use a strong password Don’t make your password and obvious one (e.g. your pets name, your birthday etc). Make sure your password has more than 6 characters and includes both capital and lowercase letters, number(s) and/or symbols. 2. Don’t let your browser “remember” your […]

Hooves Passport

Hooves Passport

What does Hooves Passport do? Hooves Passport allows you to access your stables from multiple platforms (i.e. website and the mobile Stable Manager application)  It will essentially help us to link you to your stables!  It may also help us recover your account if it is ever compromised. How do I get a Hooves Passport? Step 1:   If you are already playing Hooves of Fire on Facebook, simply visit the “City Hall” on the Town […]

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