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Hooves of Fire has achievements that can be obtained and will unlock certain rewards or extra features within the game once they are reached. To view your achievements, select the “View My Profile” button along the top of the game and then click the “Achievements” tab. Holding the mouse over each achievement will tell you what is required for you to unlock the achievement or the date on which the achievement was completed. There are […]


The Airport allows you to move your stable of horses from country to country. However, there are certain pedigree/win requirements per country: Starter – Players with less than 10 wins Beginner – Pedigree rating 1 – 10 Intermediate – Pedigree rating 8 – 15 Pro – Pedigree rating 13 – 20 Champions (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 18 – 25 Elite (VIP only) – Pedigree rating 23 – 30 Open – All pedigrees, social racing, private […]

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