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Track Conditions

hooves of fire

Track Types There are 5 different track conditions in Hooves of Fire. Fast Good Dead Slow Heavy In viewing a horse’s previous form, the tracks are represented by their initial (F, G, D, S, H). Every horse will have their own track preferences/non preferences. Track preferences are only visible to VIP’s and can be viewed by clicking on the horse in the stable to bring up its horse profile. If a DNA certificate has been added […]

Strategy Guide: Racing

hooves of fire racing

Beginner tips for racing in Hooves of Fire Follow these tips to increase your chances of winning races in Hooves of Fire. Starting Out Buy a second horse as soon as you can afford it – preferably of the opposite gender (for breeding purposes).  This doubles your chance to win! Enter your horses in as many races as possible. The more you race your horses the more potential there is to win prize money. General […]


What races can I enter my horses in? Races have restrictions like Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, initially your horses are Group 3 horses and can only race in those races or races that are Open. Race eligibility Race eligibility for each racing level (i.e. Beginners, Intermediate, Pro and Champions) will be determined by the horse’s pedigree rating. The only exception to this rule is in the Starter countries, where players must have less […]

Private Countries

Private Countries are Open countries that are available for players to rent on a per hourly basis. If you rent a Private Country, anyone on your friends list (either on Facebook or your Hooves Passport friends list) will be able to join the room and race. Both VIP and non-VIP friends can join the room. You will have the option when you rent the Private Country to “Allow Spectators” which means anyone will be able […]

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