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training time in hooves of fire

How often can I train horses? Each horse can be trained once every 8 hours. How do I know when my horses need training? You will see the trainer’s hat appear on the door of the stable of a horse that is ready to be trained. What does training horses actually do? Training improves either the strength or endurance of the horse (depending on which stat you choose to train). If you are not a […]


hooves of fire great shoe

Horseshoes will be available at different levels and will enhance your horse’s performance on various track types. Higher level horseshoes will have a greater effect, but the effect will vary depending on your horse’s base stats for performance on a particular track, or, in the case of training shoes, how ‘trainable’ they are. However, a level 2 shoe will always provide a greater effect than a level 1 shoe and will degrade much quicker than […]

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