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hooves of fire game cash

How do I purchase game cash?

N.B. If you are a Facebook user, you will need to have activated your Hooves Passport first before purchasing.
1. Log in to using your Hooves Passport email address and password.
2. Select the Buy Game Cash button (you can click the image below to go straight there if you are already logged in)
3. Select the amount of game cash you wish to purchase

4. Login to your PayPal account or use your credit card to complete the purchase

5. Your game cash will then be available for whichever platform you login to (Social networks/Hooves website or mobile in the future).

What can game cash be used for?

Game cash can be used to purchase in game items, treats, saddles, horseshoes, various treatments and services at the science lab, horses, stud fees or to bet on races!

2 responses on Game cash

  1. My horses are at level 21 and wont let me go in pro races so i have gone back to open races for less prize money where shall i go from here

  2. Hi Kev, if you are VIP you can proceed to Pro, otherwise you will have to race in Open rooms.

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