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Hooves Tokens

Hooves Tokens are an in game currency for Hooves of Fire that enable you to purchase premium items in the game.

What can I use Hooves Tokens for?

Hooves Tokens currently can be used to;

How do I purchase Hooves Tokens?

Hooves tokens are available exclusively from

1. Log in to using your Hooves Passport email address and password.

2. Click the Buy Tokens button (Clicking this Buy Tokens button below will also work if you happen to be logged into the game via Facebook).

– Click to buy tokens –

3. Select how many tokens you wish to purchase
4. Login to your PayPal account or use your credit card to complete the purchase
5. Your tokens will then be available for whichever platform you login to (Social networks/Hooves website).

Do I need to be a VIP to purchase tokens?

No, you don’t need to be a VIP to purchase tokens, but only VIP’s will be able to access the cryogenic freezing option. Non VIP’s can still rename horses, rent normal private countries and paint their stables using tokens.

4 responses on Hooves Tokens

  1. gud day hooves..can I request 1 token to unfreeze 1 of my horses..i want to play last game is 2014..thanks and godbless…

  2. Hi Edward if you return to the game with frozen horses after a long period of inactivity, you will be offered a free unfreeze when you return.

  3. how long usually is the period of inactivity as my last horse died and i have no money but i got frozen horses

  4. Hi Bailey, the period of inactivity before you get a free unfreeze of a frozen horse is 1 month.

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