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training time in hooves of fire

How often can I train horses?

Each horse can be trained once every 8 hours.

How do I know when my horses need training?

You will see the trainer’s hat appear on the door of the stable of a horse that is ready to be trained.

training time in hooves of fire

The hat hanging on the door means the horse is ready to be trained

What does training horses actually do?

Training improves either the strength or endurance of the horse (depending on which stat you choose to train). If you are not a VIP, you may see no difference in your horses rating as a result of training, as detailed stats are not shown. As a VIP, you may or may not see an increase in strength or endurance.  These increases are represented by stars. The increase due to training may not be quite enough to bring the horse to the next star level, but training it will bring it closer to achieving the improvement over time.

How can I improve the effect of training my horses?

Feeding your horses treats from the shop can improve the effect of training. As a general rule, the more expensive the treat, the greater the effect on training and happiness. Equipping items such as training shoes or saddles can also improve your horses training.

Why do my horses sometimes increase ‘greatly’ with training?

Horses each train differently in strength and endurance. Better horses will improve ‘greatly’ more often.

training improved greatly

My horse has reached its peak in strength/endurance what does this mean?

Horses have limits their strength and endurance can reach, like training, these limits are independent for strength and endurance. Once one has reached its peak you may train the other. It is possible for horses to reach their peak in both – this situation is more common in poorly bred horses.

What is the limit of stars your horse can train to?

Different horses have different limits and this improves over time with breeding.

What training stats are inheritable?

There are 6 inheritable traits relevant to training.

Horses will most likely be better at training for either strength or endurance. Horses can have different caps for their maximum strength or endurance.  These stats are directly influenced by breeding.  By careful selection, it is possible to breed horses that are optimised for strength or endurance racing.

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