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Strategy Guide: Breeding

breeding at the stud farm

How to advance your stable by breeding

These tips will help you to increase the pedigree and quality of horses within your stable.  Selective breeding over time plays an important part in improving the horses within your stable.

  • Start breeding your best horses when they turn 2 days old.
  • Visit the stud farm and check out the stallions with DNA certificates.  That way you know the qualities of the horse you are breeding with.
  • Breed your mare with the best stallion in the stud farm that you can afford.  You can sort the stud farm results by price and filter by DNA certificate to do this easily.
  • Breed to a higher class stallion and only breed with your younger, better class mares to avoid going backwards in pedigrees.
  • When you breed with your own horses you get a ‘free’ horse, but to improve the class of your stable you must breed your best mares with better stallions than your own.
  • If you are a VIP, keep at least one of your highest pedigree mares in cryo-freeze just in case you have a run of stallions.
  • Mare pills from the Science lab will increase the likelihood of a foal being a mare.  This can help you avoid the dreaded “stallion run”.
  • Every time you breed you are one step closer to attaining the breeding achievements. These achievements make the horses you breed live longer. For a beginner a horse’s life span is up to 21 days. When you reach the Pro Breeder Achievement the lifespan of your foals is up to 24 days. So it is worth breeding as much as you can for the extended lifespan.


For more questions and answers to common questions about breeding in Hooves of Fire, check out the “Breeding” section of the Wiki.

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