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How to send VIP or Tokens to a Friend

You can “gift” VIP or tokens to a friend if you log in to the Hooves of Fire website.

hooves of fire gift


There are a few account requirements in order to successfully “gift” VIP or Tokens to another account.

  1. You must be friends with the player on in order to gift tokens
  2. You can only gift tokens via the website at and you must have a Hooves Passport to complete the transaction.
  3. You may gift only tokens, but those tokens can be gifted as 30 days VIP (or just tokens)
  4. Your account must have a purchase that is at least 90 days old in order to use gifting.

How to Gift

  1. Login to the website at
  2. Click on the “Gifting” menu item (url:
  3. Your token balance will display at the top of the screen
  4. Select the friend you wish to send a gift to
  5. Select either the number of tokens you wish to gift, or gift 30 days VIP for 10 tokens
  6. Confirm the transfer by entering your password
  7. Your token balance will update after the transfer has completed. Your friend will receive a notification on next login that they have received a gift from you

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