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Strategy Guide: Selling Horses

hooves of fire horse market
Before reading this Strategy Guide, please note that only VIPs can sell horses.

When to Sell

You cannot sell a horse after it is 10 days old. Once your horse turns ten you need to decide to sell or keep it. If a horse reaches 10 days old and it is…
  • not a Group 2 horse
  • a stallion that is not being used
  • one of your older mares
  • a mare that has poor form on the track and has bred a poor foal

…then the best course of action would be to sell it and breed or buy another horse.

Selling Options

There are 2 options for selling;

  1. Sell now – gives you immediate cash for your horse, but you may only do this once every 24 hours
  2. Sell – puts the horse into the market for another player to buy. You may sell as many horses as you like using this method but you will need to obtain a “Horse Seller License” from City Hall.
dna test

Use DNA certificates to improve your chances of selling horses

Tips for Selling in the Market

  1. Give your horse a good name to make it more appealing to would-be buyers.
  2. Use a DNA certificate to let potential buyers know what your horses preferences are.
  3. Don’t misrepresent your horse by naming it to imply that it has certain traits that it does not have.
  4. Lower pedigree horses <10 will sell very quickly in the market.
  5. Higher pedigree horses 10+ generally take longer to sell.
  6. Geldings generally do not sell as well in the market as mares or stallions.
  7. Older horses sell for less than younger horses – the sale price decreases each day from Day 1 – 10.

8 responses on Strategy Guide: Selling Horses

  1. PLEASE explain how to gain in the pedigree! Is it a totally controlled number based on breeding and rebreeding?

  2. Hi Ron, you need to pick your best/highest pedigree horses and breed them. Then breed the offspring of those horses with your own horses or you can go to the stud farm and find a higher pedigree stallion there to breed with one of your mares.

  3. To level up in pedigree, you keep breeding with the highest possible pedigree horses you have or can afford to breed with or buy. There is some variation and not every breeding will be the same.

  4. Hi, do you already have horses? If not (and you are not Hardcore or have frozen horses in the freezer) you should receive another horse within 7 days.

  5. If you recently sold or set free a horse, it may take up to 7 days to get a new one. It might not be the same pedigree as the highest you have ever achieved.

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