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Track Conditions

hooves of fire

Track Types

There are 5 different track conditions in Hooves of Fire.

In viewing a horse’s previous form, the tracks are represented by their initial (F, G, D, S, H).

Every horse will have their own track preferences/non preferences. Track preferences are only visible to VIP’s and can be viewed by clicking on the horse in the stable to bring up its horse profile. If a DNA certificate has been added to the horse, its track preferences will be visible to everyone (not just VIPs) in the Stud Farm, Horse Market and to friends who visit the stable.

Track preferences, positive, negative and neutral are also inherited through breeding.  A horse with “likes all” track preferences will perform well on all track types.

Positive Track Preferences

Track preferences show in green with a + sign in front.

Having a track preference means that a horse will perform better on that particular track type. These preferences can be further enhanced by equipping a horseshoe which favours the track condition also.

track preferences

This horse performs well on all track conditions


Negative Track Preferences

Horses can also have negative track preferences or dislikes. This means they will perform worse on those tracks. Negative preferences are shown in red with a sign in front.

negative track preference

This horse likes Fast track conditions but dislikes Heavy tracks

No (Neutral) Track Preferences

Having no track preferences or the absence of a particular track preference means that the horse receives no ‘boost’ or ‘penalty’ on those particular tracks. It is possible to have a horse which has no track preferences at all.

Adding a horseshoe will improve the horse’s performance on a track type, even if the horse has no preference or a negative preference for that race track.

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